How to using OpenVPN for beginners

The cosmochic - I will share how to use the free internet with OpenVPN, I'll share a story first first, I was his man hooked buildup download ane buy quotas continuous consequently mid money already drag on the wallet, finally I try to play to Facebook group I finally tried config-made men and config her wow speed her until 2Mb / s, i streaming on youtube how to do make config his trial 3x fail and end its almost desperate, I try to make config past and its end could config slow despite only 50kb / s, after ane observed in the group of his many days late also meet its problems, it turns out the server was influential, I finally tried it make config use the server as a result download speed speed speed I 1.5MB / s, and up to the end I made her this blog, to share my home-made config speed despite his small but okay connect.

yes please do not have much to talk directly ajah to its subject matter, the first thing to do is:
  • Download OpenVPN in PlayStore.
  • Once downloaded, open the Ovpn her.
  • Select a menu or point 3 above, clay pic below.
  • Then select import.

  • Then select the profile import from SD card >> .opvn later find the config file (for config files can find the latest updates on my blog)

  • If you've been config his stay click Connect (if for example it use the same user password in the content directly click connect, there is also a config not use the same user password)

  • If you've clicked wait and see the results.

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