Config Ovpn Three 20 October 2016 Sg 2

Good morning - everything hai friend, how are you? well is not it? ya I'll share again config openvpn download speed of its three steady in my scene, Speed Download adjusted at the scene

Immediately to the config:

Config Ovpn Three :
>> Create : 20 Oktober 2016
>> Expaired : 22 Oktober 2016
>> Download Speed: Up to 1Mb / s (By TKP respectively)
>> Server : SG2
>> TKP: Jabar connect 0pulsa 0kuota, another scene can try yourself

Support :
>> Game Online
>> Streaming
>> Download
>> Browsing
>> Chatting
Username :
Password : 2007

>> Join my BBM also in Group Three Special Config OpenVPN Click here <<
NB: Try the time of filling the Username and Password not until one, then its effect is not going to connect.
NB: Connect does not connect please report in the comments :)

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