Config Ovpn Three 20 October 2016 sg3

Good morning, uncle and aunt - I will share another three ovpn config that its speed up to 1Mb / s, pretty lah for chatting smooth, smooth streaming and downloading is not bad ..
Immediately Into config:
Config Ovpn Three :
>>Create : 20 Oktober 2016
>> Expaired : 22 Oktober 2016
>> Server : SG3
>> TKP: 0pulsa 0kuota Jabar, another scene try it yourself
>> Speed Download : Up to 1Mb/s

Config Supporting :
>> Download
>> Game Online
>> Streaming
>> Chatting
>> Browsing

Username :
Password : 2007

>> Join my BBM also in Group Three Special Config OpenVPN Click here <<
NB: Try the time of filling the Username and Password not until one, then its effect is not going to connect.
NB: Connect does not connect please report in the comments :)

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